Compliments to Arden

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”We started kissing endlessly very soon after the playlist began. Another thing I really adore about Arden is that she does not try to sell illusions: her pictures are exactly portraying her body and face as they are (minus tats as clearly stated). I found her more attractive than her pictures indicated, which is a rarity…

Togetherness. Mutuality. Rhythm. Intensity. Seamlessness. Joy. All that and more like that were the hallmark of a charged encounter. From making out until flushed with desire, passing though tender yet searing oral heroics, and the union-embrace that never wanted to end because it was so good, it was so easy giving back what I was getting. Which was a lot. And so it went: the more we gave, the more we got. And so on… “ — sapman99, August 2018

The Erotic Review

AJOHNSONDAY87, December 2017

"Arden arrived a few minutes early, after texting her my room number, she knocked on my door wearing exactly what I requested: jeans, a sweatshirt, and backpack. She even has glasses, so if you’re into the nerdy Asian schoolgirl look, you will really dig Arden’s look.

After inviting her in, she greeted me with a kiss and a warm hug and we proceeded to chat over a glass of wine. We talked for about forty minutes about art and places to see in the city, she gave me a list of places to check out if I had the time to. After talking about our recent trips, she excused herself to the bathroom and suggested I meet her in the bedroom after she freshens up." 


"She's sexy as hell and I really forgot this was a session.... 

We hung out and chatted, as I had quite a bit of extra time, hence my comments about her being a good conversationalist. She was totally willing to try .... Definitely a good time- very low stress, good environment, easy communication. Book without hesitation (and try to last longer)"

EIK1001, September 2017 [Duo]

" Visiting Toronto couldn't be more fun, setup was easy, great time and VIP, I will repeat."

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