My approach to our time together is quite simple: never fake it and patience will be well rewarded. It is a simple philosophy that is grounded in a burning desire to cultivate warm intimacy and create sentimental memories together.

A slow, tender love takes time to grow. It starts from the initial point of contact

The things I enjoy, I hope you do too:

My approach to our time together begins hours before wI understand, I am not for everyone. This, I do not mind.

A lot of friends peg me as the nerdy student you might have crossed paths with in university. Beyond the stacks, you might find me

Being a born and bred Torontonian, I love to show people a rather extraordinary and at times quirky side of the city. I am the perfect partner to dive into the diversity of Toronto's musical offerings with,whether it is checking out upcoming jazz talent at a cozy dive bar in Kensington Market or taking advantage of how lucky we are to be blessed with so many concerts.

Night at the Movies, 300
 Get in touch with me about what films I've been dying to see. Whether it be a new digital restoration of an old classic or the latest blockbuster, I love any opportunity to hit up one of the many great cinemas around town.

Records + Rendezvous, 300
Collecting vinyl has been an inherited passion of mine. Those who follow me on social media know I love to visit cities where its core pulses to the beat of dance music. Why don't we go look at records and help each other discover something new? Dates for this experience will receive a playlist based on selections and date.

Take me out tonight, 1000
(4 hours - 2 hour dinner date + 2 hours of play)

Let's treat ourselves to a two hour dinner date, where we can unwind and bond over some of the finest food Toronto has to offer. It's the perfect build up for what's in store after —  two hours of dessert, either at mine or yours. 

Kiss me tenderly, 2500
(12 hour overnight)

Nothing says rise and shine like breakfast in bed and spending all night in your arms. 

Fly me to you, weekend getaways, et cetera.
Prescreened clients and regulars get the lucky opportunity to whisk me away to places across Canada and overseas. Get in touch! Let's make dreams come true.