It can be quite daunting, meeting someone you have never met before. Trust me, I get nervous too! I pride myself on being a warm and open provider, who treats every soul who enters my world with the utmost respect. I expect you, to be the same.

+ What does the ideal date look like ?

First of all, the basics: being polite our initial communication, respectful of our date and time together, arriving fresh faced and energized (coffee helps!), but most importantly: checking your inhibitions at the door and be open and tender.

I vibe best with friends who are warm, empathetic, and engaging. You do not have to have the gift of gabber, but rather, approach our time together with a careful sense of curiousity and be interested in hearing what I have to offer. I love a little challenge, and perhaps, you do too. I believe that intellect is measured best beyond the degrees and titles to your name. You are driven and focused, but live for the offbeat moments that leave you questioning, itching for more.

+ How would your friends describe you?

That's something you have to come find out for yourself ;).

I live life often to the beat of my own drum and with a sense of cool ease that might catch you by surprise if you aren't paying enough attention. I am a quiet person by nature (INFJ, if you had to ask), but once we warm up to each other, I am incredibly engaging. Sometimes, I can talk a mile a minute about the things I love (and hate). My laugh is quite...infectious, some might say! I stumble on my words sometimes and when caught off guard, I can get flustered.

I have a simple approach to companionship that transcends this world we found each other in. It is fuelled by a curious desire to absorb the world around me and to always be on the go with adding more stories to my bedside. I find a deep comfort with things with purpose and weight: old records and books, leather, mesh, the clean lines of Scandinavian and Japanese design.

I am forever fascinated by people and how we contribute to the shape of our cities, the food we line up for, and the stories we yearn to tell behind the bedroom doors.