Mix II: To be running breathlessly

Listen here.

  1. Robert Leiner - Aqua Viva
  2. Beach House - Silver Soul
  3. Alvvays - In Undertow
  4. Yo La Tengo - Shadows
  5. Talking Heads - City of Dreams
  6. Sade - Make Some Room
  7. Broadcast -Tears in the Typing Room
  8. Jesus and Mary Chain - Some Candy Talking

About the Mix

"It has always been there. You just have to discover it" - Robert Leiner, the artist behind the intro song; a 12-minute hazy trip into early 90s electronica. This mix looks at the dreamlike sounds of the past 20 years or so that you may have remembered once loving or learned to love, given the recent surge in reunion tours from bands like Slowdive, Jesus and the Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine (all of which, I have had the pleasure of seeing on their more recent tours). These songs are meant to evoke the surreal-esque experience of daydreaming, you know that feeling when you accidentally nod off into a daze while at work? Yes. That feeling.




Mix: Solstice

Summer of Arden: Solstice | Listen here.
1. Soulwax featuring Chloe Sevigny - Heaven Scent
2. John Coltraine - Peace on Earth, overdubbed by Alice Coltrane
3. Carol Williams - You Have Reached the Bottom Line
4. Sade- Surrender Your Love (Kenny Larkin remix)
5. Dee Dee Bridgewater - Love from the Sun
6. Karin Jones -Ready Ready Love
7. Japanese Breakfast - Boyish
8. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Happy House
9.  Denial - California Dreaming (Mamas and the Papas cover)

About the Mix

This mix was put together shortly before I set out for my first beach outing of the summer. It is inspired by long days out in the sun, the feeling of fatigue yet happiness one gets from being out in the sun for too long, being perfectly content with lying outside all day, and all the little things about summer that we often forget when winter comes.


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On music & the joy of discovery

When I am not being Arden Wu, I am immersed in music as both a paying gig and passion. I curate playlists for various restaurants around the city, at first, I thought it would be a fun weekly gig. But initially, it was difficult for me to overcome the challenges. I had many things to think about that I never really thought about before when it came to making playlists which had to reflect the restaurant's food, branding, and overall ambiance. I had to think about who would be dining there and the type of music the restaurant's clientele would like to hear. I know we all love Drake, but there is a time and place for him and it is not during a quite, intimate dinner with your loved one on a Sunday night.

Some recent dates have complimented on the kind of music I've been playing during  the time we spend together —  a little tip I received when I first started was to create a playlist that was the duration of your date so you or your date would not have to keep checking their watches every so often. During my dates I would play either a mix I had discovered a while ago or if requested, I would sometimes create playlists specifically for the date itself. Having a thoughtful soundtrack to your date adds a lot to the ambiance, but it is even more rewarding when your date leaves learning a new thing or two about an artist they have never heard of before.

So I present to you a sporadic collection of mixes that will hopefully, capture the vibe and essence of our time together. It's a mix of things I love and things that people have introduced to me. I hope that over the course of the summer, these mixes will allow you to get to know who I am and perhaps, in exchange, I can teach you a thing or two about what I am into musically.