See Your Favourite City, My Way 

Having friends and lovers all around the world has culminated in a dynamic form of culture sharing that I never would have experienced if it weren't for my time as a companion. I know my Hogtown like the back of my hand — send me a geographical location and I can easily name some tried and true options for dining, drinking, and play.

In cities that I like to call my home away from home, I often arrive with a strong to do list and leave with a list that's completely different from what I arrived with. These are just a few of my favourite things. In alphabetical order because there is no one absolute favourite for me.




- Skippa [Japanese] 
- Akira Black[Japanese]
- Zakushi [Japanese]
- Piano Piano [Italian]
- Blu [Italian]
- Buca [Italian] 
- La Banane [French] 
- Kay Pacha (Peruvian)

Ottawa + Greater Ontario
- Supply and Demand
- Simple Food and Wine

+ Restaurant L'express




- Alo + Aloette

Ottawa + Montreal
- Big Bar in Japan
- Larry's
- Cold Room
- Atwater Cocktail Club
- The Moon Room
- Union 613 (Ottawa)
- Simple (Ottawa) 

New York City
Angel's Share



- Sake tour, Distillery Market
- Pearl Morissette (vineyard)

- The Drake Hotel
- Ace Hotel, Pittsburgh
- Falling Water, Pittsburhg
- Pearl Morisette

- Space [Art], Pittsburgh
- Stahl House, Los Angeles [Architecture]
- Wood Street Galleries [Art], Pittsburgh

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