Togetherness & Mutuality

The vision and a few notes about our date.

Our time together is guided by the rhythms and emotions that are stimulated when two friends meet behind closed doors. It starts with my love for collaboration, which you will notice from the get go. I love a good plan, but most importantly, I love to plan with you. Hence, the emphasis on prebooking. I like to book one to two weeks in advance. My personal schedule is all over the place sometimes but once our date is confirmed, it is locked in.

I invite you to inquire as much as you can. Any questions? Please do not hesitate to ask! No question is too big or small. I think it is important to ask these questions ahead of time before booking in order to make sure we are a good fit. You might notice that I love to create as welcoming and loving of an environment as possible: this starts from the playlist I create from you (which I take a lot of pride in!).

I am a playful and generous romantic who likes to keep things fun and uncanny. Curious inside and outside of the bedroom, I like to touch, feel, and question the environments I find myself in. Our time together involves a stimulation of all of our senses. I want to move you you on many, many levels. I know you are looking for warmth and for a space to unwind and feel. As your private girlfriend, I aim to be soft, honest, and dynamic. I do have to warn you however, I do love to laugh almost as much as I love to love.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.
— Rumi

I have an idea or two…

As a city girl who loves exploration, I love dates that involve us discovering a new place or experience together. I heard the beautiful town of Elora, is only a short hour drive away. The beautiful Quarry and hotel seems like the ideal setting for a budding summer romance. If you like to remain in the city, how about a breezy bike ride to High Park or a venture to the Scarborough Bluffs?

For wining & dining, rather than have a list of favourite restaurants, I invite you to be creative! I gravitate towards places with forward thinking menus that change by the seasons, wine lists with a lot of heart, and tasting menus that really allow us to get inside the heads of the chef’s at work.